Keto Coffee – How to Get an Energy Boost and Stay in Ketosis

How do you make keto coffee that helps you stay in ketosis? If you are not a big fan of black coffee, you can add premier protein milk to your morning cup of coffee. None of those works if you are on the keto diet. Sugar is a soluble carbohydrate that the keto diet strictly prohibits.

We use premier protein milk to make regular cappuccinos and lattes. Premier protein milk is an excellent keto option because of its no sugar and low carb content. Of course, premier protein milk adds protein to your coffee, but it is an option. You can also make pancakes with premier protein milk.

The cream is suitable for keto dieters as long as it is heavy and used in moderation because of its high-calorie content. However, the cream is not a perfect keto ingredient because it still contains carbs, which may add up rapidly if you are not cautious.

On the other hand, the tasty ‘Keto Coffee’ is the perfect drink for anyone on the keto diet. Keto coffee is an excellent start to any day and helps people stay on the keto diet to lose weight. It tastes like a thick, creamy latte, and its high-fat content keeps you full.

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What is Keto Coffee?

We make Keto coffee with coffee and fats, mainly butter and coconut oil. Although it may sound unappealing, correctly prepared keto coffee is pretty tasty. Also, this adheres to the ketogenic diet’s principles, which call for a strict low-carb, high-fat diet. This diet aims to get the body into ketosis by lowering carbohydrate consumption and getting the most calories from healthy fats to give your body energy.

We can perfectly fulfill this need with keto coffee. Starting a keto diet might intimidate you, and you may feel deprived of your daily Starbucks fix. However, this creamy keto coffee is a delicious way to start your day. You’ve consumed healthy fats and grass-fed butter while sipping a low-carbohydrate barista drink.

When you add additional fats to your coffee while fasting, you will have tremendous energy, despite limiting your food consumption. High-fat content also helps to manage blood sugar levels. A keto diet keeps blood sugar steady, ensuring no energy spikes or drops when used with a keto diet.

Compared to regular coffee, there are many advantages to drinking keto coffee. People love it for various reasons, including constant energy. In addition, coffee’s caffeine causes an immediate surge of alertness.

The butter and oil give you incredible energy for extended periods. Regular coffee leaves you feeling hungry, which might lead to food cravings. Keto coffee keeps you feeling full and helps you lose weight faster.

Basic Recipe:

As oil and water don’t mix, you will need a blender to prepare keto coffee. Blending them at high speeds is the only way to get them to combine thoroughly. Here is the basic keto coffee recipe, which is delicious and helpful for faster weight loss:

Ingredients Procedure
  • cup of coffee
  • tablespoon of unsalted butter
  • tablespoon of any MCT oil or virgin coconut oil
  • Premier Protein Milk
  •  Using your preferred method, brew one cup of coffee.
  • In the blender, pour coffee along with butter and coconut oil.
  • Pulse the coffee mixture until it’s smooth and foamy.
  • Optional
  • Serve.
Calories Fats Saturated fats
221 calories25.2g20.9g

More Types of Keto Coffee:

You can customize your basic keto coffee by adding or replacing more ingredients. Here are some ideas to customize your coffee according to the method you like:

  1. High protein coffee

While MCT oil benefits productivity and energy, manufacturers highly process it. This protein-packed Keto Coffee recipe contains an equal amount of protein and fat-soluble vitamins because of the addition of the egg yolk and collagen powder n it. Collagen makes your coffee thick and also adds protein. Egg yolks add fat-soluble vitamins. These fat-soluble vitamins are better used when combined with high-fat butter.

  1. Creamy coffee

To make the coffee sweet, you can add liquid stevia. Liquid stevia is the natural sugar that helps you sweeten your keto meals. Next, you can add MCT oil powder to make your coffee creamy. It is sugar-free and blends well into your coffee. Like other protein powders, it is not high in carbohydrates.

  1. Coffee Dessert:

This recipe is for the people who miss their Starbucks mocha while on the keto diet. Adding flavors to your keto coffee can take a basic coffee to the next level. You can add cinnamon to get the vibes of chia-style keto coffee or unsweetened cocoa powder for mocha coffee. You can enjoy this recipe for breakfast or dessert.

 Recipes to make from coffee:

Try one of these coffee recipes when a cup won’t do. You can add to the flavors in keto coffee by adding chocolate and caramel syrups that are available and designed according to the keto diet principles. Following are some recipes you can make with this keto coffee:

  • Keto Iced Coffee Protein Shake: this coffee smoothie is the best combination of fiber, fat, and protein. Combine frozen avocado chunks with coffee ice cubes, vanilla collagen powder, and dark chocolate powder for a delicious frappe-style shake. It’s the ideal low-carb way to start your days with only 5.5 carbohydrates in your glass.
  • Keto Coffee Smoothie: You can make this thick and sweet coffee smoothie by adding your favorite vanilla protein powder and milk to your choice. To prepare the dairy-free version of this smoothie, you can use full-fat coconut milk or heavy cream. Also, this lowers the carbohydrate content slowly. Finally, you can add whipped cream to the top of your smoothie.
  • Keto Coffee Ice-Cream: You can make this full of deep coffee flavor ice cream using keto-friendly condensed milk. Finally, this will be the best low-carb treat for summer when you are on the keto diet.

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