Empty Calories - Determine Which Foods Cause Body Fat

Empty Calories – Determine Which Foods Cause Body Fat

Do you know what foods cause you to get fat? Have you enrolled in a weight loss program that described itself as a “must work” for fat loss, only for your fat to remain after the program? Must you abstain from specific foods to not gain fat, but it seems like it is not working? Well, you are not alone with this frustrating problem. 

Many individuals are tired of trying not to gain fat because they have exhausted all their options. They go day by day, hoping that a miracle happens and they can stop adding weight. Are you one of those people wishing to stop gaining fat mysteriously? If so, I have bad news and good news for you.

You can’t stop gaining weight ‘mysteriously.’ The good news is that you are not entirely out of options; there is something you might not be doing. Losing and regulating fat is becoming a popular topic worldwide, with many people offering valid and false solutions. Some diets promise weight loss, but do they work all the time?

This article is here to guide you in figuring out what meals might be making you fat without your consent. Aside from not having a healthy metabolism, the leading cause of gaining weight is the food you eat, and this article is here to help you.

These foods make you fat

Certain foods cause you to get fat when you eat them. These foods either have a high level of the wrong type of fat or sugar. Here is a list of foods that might make you fat unknowingly.

  • Sugar-sweetened coffee: Consuming flavored and sugar-sweetened coffee can be the food that increases your weight. Unlike regular coffee, sweetened and flavored coffee contains so much sugar and can reduce your body’s metabolism rate. When your metabolism decreases, your body adds more fat.
  • Low-Calorie/Low-fat meals: This might sound awkward, but accurate; low-calorie meals can make you fat. Here is how it works; for most processed low-calorie meals, like a low-calorie cereal, sugar is added. Also, this slows down your metabolism and increases your weight.
  • Also, low-fat meals such as low-fat yogurt contain more sugar, which isn’t good for fat loss.
  • Cookies and doughnuts: They contain a lot of sugar, and you might consume more than what your body needs.
  • Soda: The sugar level in soda and juice is high and can add more fat to your body.
  • French fries and potato chips: Do you know that the average serving (5 ounces or 139 grams) of French fries contains around 427 calories? Eating French fries can add to your waist.
  • Commercially processed foods: Many processed foods contain many of the wrong types of sugar and calories and can be a barrier to losing weight.
  • Fruit juice: You must avoid fruit juice because it contains too much sugar.

The Last Word on Empty Calories

To find out the foods that cause you to get fat, you must be disciplined and observant. By being disciplined, you can abstain from meals high in fat and calories. Also, stop eating out and start preparing your meals.

By being observant, you must watch what you eat and how your body responds. For example, the low-fat processed meals you eat might make you fat, and being observant will help you figure this out and take the proper measures. Above all, a nutritionist or doctor’s guidance can help you get the best results from your diet. They can figure out what foods are making you fat quickly. 

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