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How to Get Into Running For Weightlifters

Do you want to know how to get into running for weightlifters? Important to recognize is that the general health benefits of running are so profound as to be highly beneficial for lifting weights. Not only will you have more muscle, but your lower resting heart rate will be such that you’ll sleep more deeply and be more anabolic, more of the time, resulting in greater muscle growth throughout the day.

But if you’re used to lifting weights–actually a relatively sedentary form of training–how do you get to where you’re able to appreciate cardio training or sprinting? Here are some tips:

Get the Right Training Gear

Investing in a few of the right pieces of equipment can make quite a big difference to your training. One example of this is investing in the right shoes. When you do this, you’ll find that your impact with the pavement or treadmill causes less of a jolt through your body and that you can run faster with less discomfort. Also, wearing comfortable gear allows you to enjoy the mental and emotional benefits of training without getting distracted.

Track Yourself

Another tip is to invest in a running watch or fitness tracker with GPS built-in. This will allow you to monitor the routes you take and to see data such as your average splits (the time you take to run 1 mile), your energy expenditure, your heart rate, and your calorie burn.

Why is this important? Because it lets you see yourself progressing. Once you see your resting heart rate lower and yourself running miles in less time, you can get a greater sense of reward from your training. This also means you don’t need to plot out a route before you head outside, so you can explore and find new areas while still being able to monitor your actual progress.

Enjoy It

Finally, try not to push yourself too hard too early on. The temptation here is to run fast miles or to make yourself burn through calories. In reality, you’ll perform much better if you enjoy running, to begin with, and take it easy. Don’t set out with any goals–just set out to go for a comfortable jog.

At first, running can be difficult. However, only once you have ten runs under your belt will your body adapt and become better able to support you through your runs. So slow it down, take it easy and build up slowly!

The last word on how to get into running for weightlifters

Running is not only a compound exercise, but it is also a biological activity that is a primary function of life. There are many benefits to running. Everyone should use running, especially bodybuilders, to improve their physical performance and appearance.

We recommend jogging and sprinting, while jogging improves endurance and sprinting improves speed. Both speed and endurance can help you perform better in the gym and in life. You don’t need to replace your workout with running. You can add 5 to 10 minutes of running at the end of your training and see great results. What has been your experience with running? Please share in the comments below.

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