Sergio Oliva – Why He’s Known as “The Myth”

When it comes to bodybuilding legends, they don’t come much more significant than Sergio Oliva. Oliva was born in Cuba in 1941 and became one of the most successful and decorated bodybuilders. He was nicknamed “The Myth” due to his unbelievable proportions and muscularity.

In his prime, Oliva was an unstoppable force. He won the Mr. Olympia title 3 times in a row from 1967-1969. He was also the first ever Mr. Olympia to achieve a perfect 300 score in all six judging categories. To this day, Oliva is still the only person to have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in a significant bodybuilding competition (he did it in 1967, Mr. Olympia).

Sergio Oliva’s Training Regimen

Despite his fantastic success, Oliva didn’t always have things easy. He was born into a low-income family in Cuba and had to drop out of school when he was just ten years old to start working and help support his family. However, when he wasn’t working, he enjoyed playing baseball and basketball – two sports that helped lay the foundations for his future career in bodybuilding.

It wasn’t until he was drafted into the Cuban army at 21 that Oliva began lifting weights seriously. The army had a gym where Oliva spent most of his free time honing his craft. His hard work paid off; by 1963, he had won his first significant bodybuilding title – Mr. Havana. This victory led to him being selected as part of the Cuban delegation to compete at that year’s Mr. World contest, where he placed 5th overall.

The following year, 1964, saw Oliva defect from Cuba during the World’s Fair in New York City. This was risky, but it paid off handsomely as it allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder full-time. Oliva wasted no time making a name for himself on the pro circuit; in 1966, he won both the IFBB Mr. America and IFBB Mr. Universe titles – becoming the first Hispanic person to do so. From there, as they say, the rest is history…

The Last Word on Sergio Oliva, “The Myth”

For a good reason, Sergio Oliva is a legend in the world of bodybuilding; he has achieved things nobody else has been able to do before or since. He deserves his nickname of “The Myth” because his sports accomplishments are so incredible that they almost seem unreal. So if you’re looking for someone to inspire you in your journey to becoming a better bodybuilder, look no further than Sergio Oliva -the man who did the impossible not just once but three times over!

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