Tricep Muscle - The EZ Bar Skull Crusher Helps Build Bigger Muscles

Tricep Muscle – The EZ Bar Skull Crusher Helps You Build Bigger Muscles

The Skull Crusher is one of the most effective exercises for your triceps and is considered by many to be an essential element of any good upper body routine. Also known as Nose Breakers or Nose Crushers, this intermediate workout isolates the long head of the triceps and is one of the best exercises for working out your upper body.

So if you’re a serious bodybuilder, athlete, or just starting and want better bench presses, larger arms, and more lifting power, you can’t go wrong with adding the EZ Bar Skull Crusher to your routine.

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How to do an EZ Bar Skull Crusher

While the Skull Crusher is excellent for your arms and gains, proper form is doubly important due to the nature of the exercise and the way it positions weight above the head. An improper form could lead to damaged elbows, a torn tricep, or, worst of all, a crushed skull. So be sure to read and lift carefully, and always use a spotter, especially if you’re new to the gym.

Equipment Needed:

  • Bench
  • EZ Bar
EZ Bar Skull Crusher


The correct form gives you incredible results when performing the EZ bar skull crusher:

  • First, place a moderate weight on the bar, which you will lock at the top.
  • Get into position; lie down on your back with the bar directly above your face; you should be able to reach the bar with your outstretched arms.
  • Position your hands shoulder-width apart; press forward to unlock the bar.
  • Lower the bar utilizing your triceps; you should feel your shoulder blade squeezing on the back of the bench.
  • Be sure to keep your elbows in and tight; they may lack flair out slightly (which is fine), but allowing them to go out too far will deactivate your triceps.
  • As the bar comes to your forehead, lower your shoulder while rolling your arms back until the bar is behind your head; the bar should now be in line with the end of the bench.
  • Be sure to lower the bar slowly behind your head while controlling the movement. At this point, you should feel an intense stretch in your triceps as you both reduce the bar and lift it in the next step.
  • Reverse the motion you took to lower the bar, keeping your elbows tight, and extend the bar back upward.
  • During this motion, avoid jerking or shifting the bar; doing so can lead to injury.
ez bar skull crusher exercise

How to avoid common mistakes as you perform the EZ bar skull crusher:

  • First, keep your elbows locked: as we mentioned above, keeping your elbows tight and straight is essential for proper form and safety.
  • Fully extend the rep: When raising the bar, open the move fully outward until your elbows lock. Doing a half or incomplete movement will lead to fewer gains.
  • Don’t touch your forehead: A common myth that has sprung up around Skull Crushers is that you should touch the bar to your forehead; don’t! It reduces your range of motion and increases a higher risk of injury.
  • Finally, don’t let your ego get in the way. Use a weight that you can control with perfect form. You are using too much weight if you cheat to complete the move and sets.

Here is the last word on the EZ bar skull crusher exercise

This skull crusher is an isometric exercise that allows you to give the triceps special attention. Isometric exercises should always be used in addition to compound exercises but never by themselves. You can use them before or after the compound exercise to pre-exhaust or post-exhaust the tricep head. Thus skull crushers can be used in the same workout that includes the bench press, pullover, pushups, and dips.

The body seeks to maintain an equilibrium based on balance and natural movements. Thus, if you are looking for an exercise to complement your compound moves, this isometric move will do the trick. Building muscles requires a varied approach that uses food, exercise, sleep, and hormones. What has been your experience with this exercise? We would love to hear from you! If you or someone you know is considering bodybuilding, share this article on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn more about building muscle.

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