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Hadi Choopan – The Right Approach to a Bodybuilder’s Diet

Hadi Choopan

Hadi Choopan was born on September 26, 1987. He was born in Abnow, Sepidan County, Iran, and is Iranian. He stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. His show weight is 231 pounds.

Additionally, his siblings are unknown to the general public. His childhood was tough, which shaped his approach to bodybuilding. He was born into poverty and grew up with little money. Additionally, he found work in the construction industry early in life.


Initially, Hadi was extremely frail and unhealthy. Nonetheless, he ultimately gained weight and started to resemble a bodybuilder. Jamshid Owji was his first trainer, enabling him to gain 5 kg. He developed and became larger effectively, and within three years, he began exploring competitive bodybuilding. He also placed third in the national event. Again for the second time, he won his first national championship.

Following years of working with Jamshid, he went without a trainer for a few years, starting in 2008. Notwithstanding this, he won several national championships and a silver medal at the WBPF World Bodybuilding Championships. Similarly, he was subsequently coached by Ali Ne’mari and began his competitive bodybuilding journey. In 2021 Hadi finished 3rd at the Mr. Olympia contest behind Big Ramy and Brandon Curry.


Hadi used his diet to build muscles and cut body fat. Hadi used his diet as the most significant factor in his training.

Most people say they understand the importance of their diet but do not back up their talk with action. Most don’t mind feeling a little pain in the gym but do not want any part of hunger pains to cut body fat. Choopan made sacrifices in the kitchen and with his diet that most novices are unwilling to make.

Hadi Choopan’s diet consisted of brown rice, avocados, and skinless chicken breast. These foods help him lose weight and keep his fat levels in check.

Skinless chicken breast with brown rice and avocados: he balanced his macronutrients, with protein, carbs, and fats, to feed his body and give it the best chance to perform in the gym. He also used eggs, egg whites, and other nutritious foods to balance his energy levels and build muscle.

To achieve success in bodybuilding, you must train hard and eat better. If you are to get to 10% body fat or less, you must feel muscle and hunger pain. Amateurs don’t have a problem with pain in the gym but pros know that the pain and sacrifice must also be at the dinner table.

Also you must eat for a purpose not taste or pleasure. Until you feel the hunger and eat for a purpose you will never get the results you are looking for? Your diet is 80% of the process while your workout is only 20% of the process,


Hadi uses high-volume sets, repetitions, and heavyweight training to build larger muscles. Every week, he used one day for rigorous weight training and muscular development—one more day for hypertrophy and heavy volume. On Mondays, for example, he only does five sets of 5 repetitions with heavyweights to develop his chest. He works the same body component on Thursdays and Fridays, completing 8-12 repetitions and attempting to complete as many sets as possible. Like most bodybuilders, he also uses progressive overload and periodization planning.


Bodybuilders have been more popular in recent years, mainly because of fitness fans’ enthusiasm and admiration on social media platforms. You can keep up with your favorite bodybuilders on social media. As a result, we are witnessing the birth of a new age, with bodybuilders influencing even more people than ever before. Hadi’s lesson is that you need to work just as hard with your diet as your workout. Finally, he reminds us that action and not talk determines our fitness journey.

The Bottom Line

Suppose you work and eat like Hadi Choopan; then you can get similar results. Bodybuilders spend years developing their bodies, so do not expect bodybuilder results in a couple of weeks. Hadi had to work hard for many years to get his physique. But if you take your diet just as seriously as your workout, then you can take your health and fitness journey to the next level. Most people do not give 100%, but they think they do. When you workout hard and make sacrifices in the gym while ignoring your diet, you only give 50% effort. It’s time to learn from Hadi and start making serious sacrifices with your food. His daily regimen and diet stimulate and inspire us to build a healthy body.

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