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Roelly Winklaar – How to Use a Bodybuilding Workout Like the Beast

Roelly Winklaar Bodybuilder

Are you looking to take your bodybuilding to the next level? Well, we have just the guy who can show you how to do it. Roelly Winklaar, the bodybuilder, the world knows him as ‘THE BEAST’ of bodybuilding because of his massive physique. He is a professional IFBB Dutch bodybuilder who placed 5th at Mr. Olympia.

Driven by motivation, this 43-year older man earned great fame globally. Today people know Roelly for his impeccable size, symmetry, and weight. Yet, he reached the pinnacle of success through hard work, dedication, and persistence.

He never stopped working hard; instead, he worked more diligently in the fitness industry. Most people know about his massive physique, but few know about his insane workouts.

Early Life of THE BEAST

Egberton Ruolve ‘Roelly’ Winklaar, a professional bodybuilder, was born on June 22, 1997, in Curacao, Caribic. He trained in Kuwait, but he is a native of Curacao. His life’s most tragic incident was his father’s death during a motorcycle accident when Roelly was four years old.

Afterward, the family moved to the Netherlands. Then, after living a few years in Almere, Roelly and his family moved to the United States.

Roelly’s position in the world of professional bodybuilding is because of many years of hard work. He was a bodybuilding champion since childhood. Roelly has always loved bodybuilding. But more importantly, he loved working out in the gym.

Roelly knows that failure is part of success. That is the secret behind Roelly’s success. It did not discourage him when he failed. On the contrary, it motivates him to workout even harder. As a result, Roelly always brings his best to the stage.

Roelly Winklaar Bodybuilder
Roelly Winklaar flexes his muscles.

Body Size

He has a much-deserving nickname–The Beast, the perfect depiction of his body mass.

  • Roelly is 5.6 feet tall (168.9 cm).
  • His off-season weight is unbelievable, 150 kg (320 pounds); however, this weight falls to 135 kilograms (297 pounds) during competitions.
  • He has an ideal arm size of 24-inches (61 cm).
  • His thigh is 28-inches, and his waist is 35-inches, with a calf size of 20-inches.
  • He has a real knack for flawlessly developing every single part of his body.

Personal Life

The Beast likes to let his actions doing the talking. This is because he wants to keep his personal and professional life separate. Nevertheless, we have discovered some interesting facts about him.

  • He has only one brother named Quincy Winklaar, who himself is a well-known athlete. We must say, these brothers have this flair in their genetics.
  • Roelly’s father is no more in this world. However, his mother is still alive. Roelly, like most sons, loves his mother’s cooking skills and often visits her place.
  • He has three children Quianah, Nygel, and Daniyah.
  • Roelly–The Beast has over 850,000 followers on his Instagram.
  • According to our records and his interviews, he is currently single.

Roelly’s Nickname–The Beast

Egberton Roelly always comes into the mind of gym fanatics for his amazing body and remarkable personality. His fans embellish in his accomplishments and stage presence. His muscular physique stuns most fans who see him in person for the first time. Once, he claimed in an interview that winning is not a choice for him. But, it is the only way. Regardless of what the judges say, Roelly is always the winner in his fan’s eyes. It’s hard to see how anyone can stand next to him and win.

Performing the back row.
The Beast stays focus in the gym but knows how to have a good time.

How Consistency and Determination Paid Off?

Roelly Winklaar, the bodybuilder, perfectly depicts an example of achieving the highest position in your life if you follow your dreams. That is what he did; he just followed his dreams and made miracles happen.

Well, that was not a miracle, but we much say it was vigorous work. And in bodybuilding, we can measure the size of hard work in muscle gains. Winklaar, knowns as ‘The Dutch Beast,’ entered the spotlight while earning his Pro Card at the 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur Championship.

Initially, he was just an athlete because he had little knowledge of nutrition and fitness. He needed a coach to guide him about diet and workout. After searching for a professional bodybuilding coach, Roelly met Sybil, a professional coach. She provided him with guidance, a comprehensive diet, and a strenuous workout plan, which was essential to take him to the next level.

After winning his pro card Roelly returned to the bodybuilding stage, he shocked audiences earning a strong seventh-place finish at the Arnold Classic. He soon followed that up with a mesmerizing third-place finish at the 2010 Australia Pro Grand Prix. His rare combination of massive size and definition caught the attention of the elite. Roelly doubled down on his success and took first place at the 2010 New York Pro. He continued displaying his powerhouse physique for those who witnessed him on the IFFBB circuit events.

The Secret behind Roelly’s Ideal Physique–Road to Success

Today we see the lustrous and extraordinary body that resulted from Roelly’s strict diet and a persistent workout. His struggle to reach the pinnacle of bodybuilding was, for sure, a real one. He had to deal with cutting body fat and building muscle, like many others.

Roelly does not worry much about his weight during the off-season, which usually increases to 150 kg. His primary focus is to work on weaker body parts. Roelly believes you should build lean muscle, making it easier to cut body fat when you need it. Before entering any competition, Roelly got into perfect shape with massive muscles and low body fat.

Many gyms enthusiasts have a keen desire to know the secret behind Roelly’s ideal physique. But, like Ronnie Coleman and other renowned bodybuilders, Roelly had a similar secret–You are what you eat and what you do.

protein diet
High Protein Foods

Diet and Nutrition

Roelly discovered the most effective diet plan, which resulted in the best outcome. He always ensured that his diet was high in carbs and proteins and low in fats. As part of complex carbs, sweet potato and rice were usually his choices because they fueled him before workouts.

During his training sessions, these foods were part of Roelly’s diet: Steamed vegetables, beef tenderloin, egg whites, whole eggs, white rice, chicken breast, steamed broccoli, steamed asparagus, a few ounces of tilapia, Greek yogurt, bananas, and halibut.

Not only had he relied on classical food to give him his complete nutrition, but he also took a variety of nutritional supplements. Casein and whey proteins, protein shakes, pre-workout stimulants, and post-workout boosters were always part of his diet.

Roelly always had small doses of casein, a milk protein, before sleeping, which helped him recover from muscle trauma, fatigue, and stiffness.

The Beast performing a lat pull down
The Beast uses compound lifts to build power back muscles.

The Giant’s Workout Strategy

Roelly Winklaar, the bodybuilder, did not achieve his incredible physique by chance or by little effort. Instead, he focused on every part of his body while giving more time to his weak areas. Making himself strong enough for powerlifting was a challenging but enjoyable task for him.

His workout plan includes:
  • Chest Workout–Most bodybuilders love to go for a barbell bench to work on their chest, but Roelly had a unique approach. His chest workout was much more dumbbell-focused because he believed barbells could cause an imbalance in chest size and strength.

His approaches include Inclined Dumbbell Fly, Decline Dumbbell Bench Press, Triceps Extension, Hammer Strength Press, and Weighted Dip.

  • Shoulder Workout–He always began his shoulder workouts by warming up with a bit of dumbbell work. Shoulders are more prone to injuries, especially during powerlifting. Starting from mild to complex, Roelly exercised all shoulder areas to get an idyllic ‘capped shoulder look.’
He performs Hammer Strength Shoulder Press, Reverse Pec Machine, and Reverse Grip Barbell Raise, along with Standing Cable Shrug.
  • Arms Workout–It needs a lot of patience, strength, and intensity to build arms like Roelly, the best arms in the bodybuilding world. He has a real knack for developing serious biceps and triceps.

What is behind the veil? How did he develop such idealistic arms? His exercises include Standing EZ Bar Curl, Incline Dumbbell Curl, Bodyweight Triceps Dip, Close Grip Triceps Pushdown, and Single-Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension.

  • Back Workout–Roelly’s characteristic feature, his thick muscular back, is one reason behind his success. He adopted a Lat-focused workout for his back, increasing thickness and size.

Beginning from sets of body-weight pull-ups, he prepares his muscles for the heavier weights. Along with back workouts, he prefers some slight arm movements for steady muscle growth. Some exercises include Single-Arm Lat Pulldown, Bodyweight Pullup, Wide Grip Lat Pulldown, and Dumbbell Row.

  • Leg Workout–for training, Roelly’s approach towards the legs is equally well-managed. A mild startup, 5-10 mins walk on the Stairmaster, always helped him warm up his leg muscles and increase the blood circulation.

For most of his leg exercises, Roelly preferred sticking to the machines. Some exercises include hamstring curls, single-leg press, hack squat, leg extensions, and wide stance leg press.

Roelly Winklaar Bodybuilder posing on stage
Roelly Winklaar Bodybuilder does an impressive leg pose.

Success Journey–Championships

Reaching the platform of Mr. Olympia is one of the significant achievements in life. It proves that you are one of the world’s best bodybuilders. When Roelly took part in Mr. Olympia for the first time, he did not have the idealistic physique of his competitors.

His bodybuilding career began as a Mr. Olympia participant; however, the world expected little from him. Most bodybuilders struggle on the big stage the first time around. His first debut at Mr. Olympia was no exception, but this failure was never an obstacle for him. Instead, it taught him what he needed to do the next time he stepped on the big stage.

He started focusing on his physique more by changing his training program. He knew that reaching an idealistic body could only lead him to success. In a year of serious progress, 2018, Winklaar was ready to show his opponents that they had a dangerous competitor.

Till now, Roelly Winklaar, the bodybuilder, had not achieved the zenith of his muscular physique and strength.

Now he was finally ready for the big stage. Roelly, with renewed confidence, learned a lot from his first failure at Mr. Olympia. And finally, ‘The Beast’ was now ready to beat anyone in his way.

This time, unexpectedly, he ended up in third place at Mr. Olympia, while the judges placed Shawn Rhoden first. Fans and the media quickly discovered who Winklaar was and what he brought to the profession of bodybuilding.

Recently, we saw the honed and improved version of the Beast in the off-season. He has gained significant weight and became a muscular giant. There are many chances that Roelly Winklaar, the bodybuilder, will be the next Mr. Olympia of the future. Some of his credentials include:

  • 2009 NPC Arnold Amateur Championship.
  • 2010 IFBB New York Pro.
  • 2010 IFBB Arnold Classic
  • 2010 IFBB Australia Pro Grand Prix
  • 2013 IFBB Chicago Pro
  • 2018 IFBB Arnold Classic
  • 2014 Wings of Strength Chicago Pro
The Beast Posing
The Beast knows how to make his muscles pop.

Interesting Facts about The BEAST–Roelly Winklaar

  • The most exciting fact about Roelly is that he won his first competition following no diet plan or nutritional supplement. He has a natural flair for bodybuilding.
  • He played football before he became a bodybuilder.
  • During the off-season, he usually visits his family on the island–Curacao.
  • A random photographer captured Roelly eating M&M in a competition. The next day, that photographer gave him a bucket full of them. Whenever Roelly goes to Germany, people give him hordes of M&M, but that is not a big deal.
  • His favorite food, Slimy Seafood Soup, is a secret weapon that boosts his energy level.
  • Roelly is an inspiration and boundless supporter for his younger brother, Quincy, who won his Pro Card in 2011.
  • He loves to spend extra time with his snake pet.
  • During his intense training sessions, Roelly focuses on natural activities. He sleeps 12-13 hours for recovery.

Roelly, the Dutch bodybuilder who is known as ‘The Beast’, was not always on top. He had to work hard and show he could follow his dreams in order to reach this point of success. But it took a lot of time for him to get there! Without knowledge about nutrition or weight training, Winklaar found himself at the bottom with just an athlete’s physique. It took finding a coach who can help him learn how to apply these principles before he really started making progress. Have you achieved success with any of Roelly’s workout or diet plans? Let us know in the comment section below.

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