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Nick Walker Bodybuilder – How to Use Pain to Make Faster Gains

Nick Walker Bodybuilder - How to Use Pain to Make Faster Gains

Nick Walker is a competitive bodybuilder first from the United States who competes against the world’s greatest bodybuilders. He won the 2021 Arnold Classic, the world’s second most renowned bodybuilding competition. The Mutant is his nickname.

He was assaulted as a youngster making it difficult to believe anyone after the traumatic event. This drove him down a road of drugs and alcohol, but he knew that things had to change at some time, and happily, he discovered professional bodybuilding, and the rest, as they say, is destiny. Nick now confesses that, although the thoughts and memories from his upbringing were complex, he concentrates on the present and tries not to dwell on them.

No Pain, No Gain

A diamond is forged in the roughest conditions. There are two types of people. There are those when squeezed; they fall apart, and others, when squeezed, they focus. Nick Walker is the latter. He took an early life of lemons and turned them into lemonade for the world to drink. His tragedy shaped his worldview and professional career. It made him more determined not to let anyone or thing get in the way of his dreams. But how did he do it? To understand the man, the myth, and the legend, let’s take a deep dive into his life.

Did you know to create the perfect body you must feel pain during your workout and with your diet? Most people accept and are willing to feel a muscle burn during a workout. But not that many realize you must also accept and feel some hunger pain if you are to get to 10% or less body fat. The more sacrifices you make the better results you get. The best roses come with the biggest thorns. The pain and the gains come together. This may sound different than what you have been told but this is the truth, not an infomercial.


Nick Walker’s debut contest occurred after he graduated from high school, and despite his poor performance, the audience cheered him on, and he claims it was the first time he felt so proud of himself. Nick saw bodybuilding as a way to escape his problems, and his childhood memories fueled his desire to improve and encourage others. Thus far, he’s done an outstanding job.

On September 25, 2021, Walker created history by winning the Arnold Classic, the world’s second-largest bodybuilding contest, behind Mr. Olympia. He received $130,000 and joined a long list of famous personalities who have won this renowned competition. Also, in 2021, he placed 5th at the Mr. Olympia contest behind Big Ramy, Brandon Curry, Hunter Labrada, and Hadi Choopan. In addition, in 2021, Nick also won a less notable contest, the New York Pro Champ contest. His recent wins make him an up and rising star in professional bodybuilding. But how did he get to the top so quickly?


Walker needs a lot of food to sustain his workout – 4,567 calories per day, to be precise. Walker’s day begins at 7:20 a.m. with the feeding of his dog, Thor. Next, Walker begins his day with a glass of water and a kind of meditation. He sips water and then sits on his back porch for up to 45 minutes, sipping his morning iced coffee. Finally, Walker returns to the kitchen to take his supplements after clearing his mind and feeling peaceful.

For Walker, bodybuilding is about mind over muscle. He uses bodybuilding to enjoy a total experience. Like most bodybuilders, Nick takes his diet seriously. The one thing he learned early in the process was not to play with his food. He knows every calorie and nutrient he puts into his body. If you want to take your fitness to the next left, your diet must become a science. Do you know how many calories your metabolism burns a day? Do you know how much protein you need to eat to build a pound of muscle? How long does it take you from past experiences to create a pound of muscle or burn a pound of fat?

If you are serious about your fitness like Nick Walker, you must know the story behind your numbers. Don’t worry about anyone else’s numbers because what works for others will not work for you. You can’t eat what others eat and lose weight or build muscle. You have a unique blueprint, and like a professional bodybuilder, you need to know your blueprint. So How do you do it? You begin by tracking everything. There are plenty of diet apps that will help you figure out precisely what you are putting into your body. If you want to get similar results as Nick Walker on a lesser level, fix your diet!


  • Reverse pec dec
  • Cable standing shoulder lateral raise
  • Cable seated wide-grip row
  • Machine row
  • Cross cable pushdown
  • Arsenal dip machine
  • Bench press
  • Squats
  • Incline bench press

Nick uses classic compound lifts – squat, shoulder press, deadlift, back row, and bench press. The lifts are the same for everyone, but where he and other professionals separate themselves is how they customize their workouts to fit their genetics. In bodybuilding, there is no one size fits all.

You must find the perfect diet and workout for your genetic code. Nick uses progressive overload and a periodization plan to take his training to the next level. He uses a combination of push/pull exercises and compound and isolation lifts. The key to any workout is form, volume, and change.

Using a full range of motion on each repetition, you force the muscle to grow when it is under the right amount of tension. Like Nick, make sure to keep your volume high and your reps low. Finally, combine your workout with a good diet to make sure that they work together to create the best results.


Nick Walker is an entrepreneur with a big idea. He seems to be capable of seeing the future, and not only in the exquisite, philosophical sense. Fans of the sport may be unsure if Walker’s quick rise in professional bodybuilding is due to luck or pure determination. The Mutant reflects on his glorious year, lessons learned from 2021, and how he can take his fitness journey even further.

What can you learn from Nick Walker? First, find a process that works for you. Nick uses meditation and bodybuilding to improve his life and elevate his fitness journey. From walking his dog to relaxing on his back porch, he finds ways to stay motivated and make the most of his life. Nick has been through a lot, but he hasn’t made any excuses. Instead, he focuses on the things he can change, then changes them.

By having a good plan and becoming well informed about your fitness, you too can reach your goals like Nick. It takes hard work but even more important you must know what you are doing. Also, you need to adopt a plan that works for you. Find a workout that speaks to you and your lifestyle. Remember, it is not about the destination but the journey. There is a lot to see and do, so get going!

The Bottom Line

Nick Walker has a bright future ahead of him. Few athletes in the history of bodybuilding have achieved such success in professional bodybuilding before turning 30. But, far from resting on his laurels, Walker is more committed than ever to continuing his momentum and obtaining his own Sandow.

Nick knows what he wants and how to get there. He doesn’t let anything get in his way. But more importantly, he respects the process and works hard to master it. He uses his diet, workout, and scientific methods to reach his fitness goals. The best bodybuilders are the hardest and most innovative workers in the gym and kitchen. Nick keeps it simple and does what works for him. Doing this makes it easier for him to overcome any obstacle and reach his goals faster.

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