How To Use Food To Get the Best Results as a Bodybuilder

How To Use Food To Get the Best Results as a Bodybuilder

If you use food or exercise to burn body fat or build muscle, you are a bodybuilder. Everyone wants to know how to create a perfect body. Since childhood, we have seen photos and videos of bodybuilders and have been fascinated by their physique. Many people want to develop an ideal body; however, they do not know how to do it. Most of the time, people think that just going to the gym is enough to build muscle.

It is not as simple as it may sound. There are many aspects and factors involved that show you how to do it correctly. This article will discuss bodybuilding to understand how to do it the right way. What is bodybuilding?

The word bodybuilding explains growing muscle fibers and burning body fat through a combination of weight training, high-calorie intake, and proper rest. We are all familiar with bodybuilding’s competitive nature, where prominent muscular athletes appear on stage and pose and flex their muscles. These competitive athletes compete in several weight classes.

Do you know what it takes to be a bodybuilder?

Knowledge of food and exercise are the tools that are needed to build a muscular body. The answer is that anyone can be a bodybuilder, but it is not as easy as it may sound.

Spend a lot of time and energy to get your body in the right shape. Keep in mind that developing the perfect body is not only about weightlifting to gain more muscle mass, but it is a bodybuilding component. So instead, focus on the diet you eat, trying to build a better body.

Perfecting your body is a lifestyle that requires dedication, commitment, and hard work. If you are fulfilling these conditions, then yes, you are a bodybuilder.

The correct diet to get the best results for a bodybuilder

One of the essential aspects of bodybuilding is your diet. To maximize the outcome of your efforts in the gym, focus on your diet. If you genuinely want to build muscle, you need to eat foods that can help. There are foods that you should eat, and there are certain foods that you should avoid.

1. Foods to Eat

Protein is the best friend of a bodybuilder, as it helps to build muscles and control hunger. It is the only food that can build muscle while carbohydrates and fats provide energy. Of course, fats also contribute to the production of healthy hormone levels, so they factor into the muscle-building equation. But protein should be the essential component of your diet. Remember, your hormones also help develop muscles, so don’t discount foods with high healthy quality fats that can activate them. The foods you should eat includes:

2. Foods to Avoid

There are particular foods you should avoid. These include:

  • Alcohol
  • Fried foods
  • Added sugar
  • Processed Food
  • Soda
  • Junk Food
  • Fast Food

A simple strategy on how to use food to become a bodybuilder

While protein is king, you must combine it with the right amount of carbohydrates and fats. Many bodybuilders use the 40-40-20 approach; 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 20% fats. You should never focus on one food group at the expense of the others.


Many healthy foods come with excellent health and muscle-building properties from each food group. For example, green vegetables are great carbohydrates, and avocado is terrific fat. At the same time, there are other foods like beans that provide all three micronutrients. At the same time, foods like bananas provide many micronutrients, such as potassium and magnesium, that contribute to the health of your muscles. Also, these fruits (nature’s candy) satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest way possible. Those who bend don’t break. But make sure you eat them in moderation and treat them like deserts because they have high sugar content.


But don’t forget about your calorie intake. The process is pretty simple: a calorie surplus causes a weight gain, and a calorie deficit causes a weight loss. It takes 3500 calories above your TDEE calories to build or lose a pound of muscle or fat. The question becomes more complex when it is time to figure out where the weight is coming from. The weight can come from muscle or fat. Therefore, eat quality foods with the right macronutrient mix to guarantee you build muscle and burn fat.

Serving Size

Always match your serving sizes with your fitness goals. A general rule to follow when you don’t like to count calories is:

  • less than a handful causes weight loss
  • a handful maintains weight
  • two handfuls cause weight gain

Also, you can look at the serving sizes on the food’s nutritional fact label and follow the standard unit of measurement – cups, tablespoons, or packages to reach your fitness goal. Finally, building muscle causes weight gain, so you will need to eat regularly and a lot if that is your goal.

Complete and Balanced Approach

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that requires hard work and dedication. But, you build a perfect body in the gym and the kitchen! As a bodybuilder, follow a proper diet. It would be best to eat fats to balance the right hormones, protein to build muscle, and carbohydrates to provide energy to your body. There are different bodybuilder types, and each one offers many health benefits as well. To be a professional bodybuilder who differs from an amateur or natural bodybuilder, you need a pro-card. To get a pro-card, you must qualify for a national event.

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