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Discover compound lifts that build huge muscles and burn body fat today. Above all, never miss out on the latest workouts, including multi-joint lifts. The most popular exercises are the squat, deadlift, shoulder, and bench press. But, if you do them right, they can help you gain more muscle faster than an isolated lift. When you use the correct form with multi-joint exercises, we guarantee you will get instant results. TF Clark Fitness Magazine provides you with everything you need to know about multi-joint lifts and how to use them to build powerful muscles and save time.

A scientific research study, Resistance Training with Single vs. Multi-joint Exercises at Equal Total Load Volume: Effects on Body Composition, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, and Muscle Strength, in 2017 concluded that compound lifts were more effective at increasing VO2 max. The study found that an increase in VO2 max was 7.4% more on compound lifts than on isolated lifts. It also concluded that compound lifts increased bench press by 2.8%, knee extension by 5.5%, and squat by 5.5% more than isolated exercises. More importantly, multi-joint lifts reduce body fat by 4.8% and fat-free mass by 1.4% more than isolated lifts.

Many workout programs, like pre-exhaustion and post-exhaustion, emphasize both. Understanding the science behind the exercises helps you to get results. TFClark Fitness magazine provides scientific research on the facts you need to know today to get the best outcome for tomorrow.