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What are the best nuts to eat for the Keto Diet? There is no doubt that the Ketogenic Diet has become popular. Many people want to know the tenets of one of the most popular diets, the Keto Diet. Many people prefer following this diet plan because it provides faster results and helps you lose weight quickly. However, you must be wondering what the best nuts to eat for the keto diet are?

Undoubtedly, meals can be straightforward to plan during the keto diet, but it is challenging to decide which snacks you can eat during the whole process. If you want to add nuts as a healthy snack, this article is the right choice for you. Here you can read about the best nuts to eat for the keto diet.

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The best nuts to eat for the Keto Diet:

Let’s have a look at the best nuts that you can eat during the Keto diet. However, keep in mind that while choosing snacks, it’s imperative to count the carbs. Eating too many carbs disrupts ketosis. If you are sure about the carbs, you can eat nuts in a moderate amount. For those who love carbs, consider Cyclical Keto or Targeted Keto. Those who bend don’t break.

1.   Pecans

If you are planning to shed some weight, Pecans can be your best choice. The total carbs that are in Pecans are around 14g. The amount per 100 grams contains 690 calories and a total of 72g of fat.

They are rich in nutrients and contain antioxidants properties, which are suitable for wellness. Apart from that, they are good for the heart because Pecans contain fiber and reduce the risk of various heart-related diseases.

Furthermore, if you are worried about your skin, don’t because eating them will reduce fine lines, reduce aging, and more.

2.   Walnuts

Walnuts are known to be the best nuts to eat for the keto diet. If you can’t find anything to eat during snack time, these are best for you. The total carbs you can find in them are around 14g, and the total calories per 100 grams are 654.

People suffering from obesity and depression can eat them daily for better results. Besides that, they contain Omega-3s, which help to reduce high blood pressure. Hence, if you are on a ketogenic diet, eating walnuts every day will provide you with many health benefits.

3.   Almonds

Everyone loves to eat Almonds because they are healthy and are renowned for many reasons. Since they contain monounsaturated fats, we can assume that they can reduce heart disease and increase weight loss.

The total calories that you can find in 100g are 884. That means they are a good source of vitamins, proteins, and fiber.

4.   Peanuts

If you are on a ketogenic diet, you can’t ignore the importance of peanuts. Many people prefer eating peanut butter during breakfast because of the healthy benefits. Also, if you want to have good skin, consuming peanuts can be the ideal choice. Consequently, peanuts are also a cost-efficient nut.

The total calories found in peanuts are around 567, and they contain 16 g of carbs.

Final verdict, what are the best nuts to eat for the keto diet?

No doubt choosing the correct snacks can be a pleasant task. But if you know the exact amount of calories and carbs, you can easily select nuts. However, if you don’t want to eat these types of nuts, you can go for other options such as Hazelnuts, Macadamia nuts, Pine nuts, etc. The best kind of nuts to eat is any of the four nuts discussed in this article, as long as you enjoy them and eat them reasonably. Also, there are many Keto-friendly fast foods you can eat to take a break and add variety to your diet. The best diets cause you to eat less by keeping you full with foods that provide stable and nutritious energy.

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By Terry Clark

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