Lateral Head Tricep Exercises – Get Ready for Bigger Arms

Are you looking to build bigger arms with lateral head tricep exercises? Then, don’t let time pass without getting those arms ready to show off! With the right lateral head tricep exercises, you can get massive arms in no time.

Three Lateral Head Tricep Exercises

The tricep is two times larger than the bicep and makes up two-thirds of the arm. So by building the triceps, you will build your arms twice as fast and big. Thus building bigger triceps to build bigger arms is basic math that is undeniable. Keep reading to find out which exercises are best for targeting the lateral head of your triceps.

1. Tricep Pushdown

The tricep pushdown is an excellent exercise for targeting the lateral head of the tricep. You will need a cable machine and an attachment, such as a rope or bar, to do this exercise.

Stand from the cable machine and grasp the attachment in both hands. Keep your elbows close to your body, and slowly lower them until they parallel your torso. Then, press back up until the arms are straight. Repeat this motion 10-15 times for three sets.

2. Overhead Tricep Extension

The overhead tricep extension is another good exercise to target the lateral head of your triceps. To do this exercise, stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell or kettlebell above your head using both hands.

Ensure your arms are fully extended over your head and keep them there throughout the exercise. Then, bend at the elbow so that the weight lowers behind you until it reaches chest height, and then press back up until your arms are straight again. Repeat this motion 10-15 times for three sets.

3. Tricep Dips

Another great way to target the lateral head of your triceps is with tricep dips. To do this exercise, find a sturdy chair or bench and place it behind you so that it’s about the hip height from where you’re standing (you can adjust depending on how comfortable you are).

Now, place both palms on the chair or bench and extend both legs out in front of you while keeping them together and slightly bent at knee level (or whatever feels most comfortable). Lower yourself down toward the floor while keeping your elbows close to your sides

Finally, press back up using only arm strength until the arms are straight again. Repeat this motion 10-15 times for three sets.

Conclusion on Get Ready for Bigger Arms with Lateral Head Tricep Exercises

There you have it! Three simple but effective exercises will help target the lateral heads of your triceps so that they become stronger and more toned in no time! So grab some weights or a chair/bench if needed, and get ready to see results soon! With regular workouts, dedication, consistency, and these exercises, you’ll be well on your way to showing off those toned arms all summer long!

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