Wall Sit Exercise - A Great Alternative For Leg Exercises

Wall Sit Exercise – A Great Alternative For Leg Exercises

The wall sit exercise works the muscles on the front of your thighs and is an excellent quad burner. We classify this exercise as an isotonic exercise.

We typically perform it to increase isometric strength and endurance in the quadriceps, glutes, and calves. Although the wall sit exercise is not strenuous, many individuals still perform it incorrectly.

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If your hips and knees make a straight angle of 90 degrees, your back is flat against the wall, and your heels are on the ground, you complete the wall sit correctly. In addition, you may feel a mild pulling sensation in the quad area.

We can do this exercise as a part of any lower-body workout. It is also an excellent exercise for seniors and those with balance and mobility problems.

Unfortunately, the wall sit exercise is one of the most under-appreciated exercises among regular gym visitors. Because of its simplicity, some people may believe exercise is less beneficial than other lower-body workouts. However, this exercise effectively increases lower body endurance and mobility.

How to do the Wall Sit exercise properly?

You can do this exercise anywhere you have access to a flat wall. Here is the step-by-step guide to doing wall sits properly for beginners:

1: Begin by leaning against a wall. Plant your heels a few feet away from the bottom of the wall.

2: Slowly move your back down the wall. Keep your core muscles engaged until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

3: Adjust your feet so your knees are squarely over your ankles.

4: Maintain a flat back against the wall.

5: For 20 to 60 seconds, stay in this position.

6: Return to the standing position by carefully sliding up the wall.

7: Repeat the exercise three times. Rest for 30 seconds in between. As your strength improves, increase your hold time by 5 seconds.

Aim for the duration below, performing five reps for 30 seconds

  • Beginner 10-20 seconds
  • Intermediate 30-40 seconds
  • Advanced 60 seconds plus

Benefits of Wall Sit Exercise,

The wall sit exercise has many advantages over other lower-body workouts that you may not be aware of.

Entire Body Workout

The Wall Sit, we also classify the exercise as a compound exercise. Also, this is because we use many muscles simultaneously during this exercise. For example, the glutes, quads, and hamstrings work together to complete the movement.

The activity promotes core strength. Because the back must remain straight throughout the movement, it straightened the entire posterior chain. We can also work the abductors and hip abductors with the wall sit. Typically, these muscles are ignored and under-trained. But these muscles are essential in lower-body performance and mobility.

Burn More Calories

You do not use muscle contractions through repetitions in the wall sit exercise. However, you will still burn calories. Muscles will remain in a fixed posture for a pre-defined time. Your pulse rate will rise after a few seconds of sitting.

Thus, you will feel a burn across your entire body. As your cardiovascular system works, you will burn a lot more calories. This exercise is also very significant for burning belly fat.

Enhances Muscle Endurance

The aim of the wall sits is not muscle building. However, the primary goal of the exercise is to develop endurance. While you complete the movement, slow-twitch fibers are engaged.

The activation of slow-twitch fibers improves endurance. For becoming a well-rounded athlete, endurance is just as vital as strength. Resultantly, athletes will benefit from including this exercise in their workout routines.

Enhances overall efficiency

Apart from improving endurance, the wall sits will also improve your efficiency. Beginning with a wall sit will aid in developing a squat form. A regular wall will help you reach parallel in a typical squat if you have trouble doing so.

Variations and Modifications

Wall Sit with Bicep Curl

Get into a wall sit position and begin performing bicep curls simultaneously to perform this exercise. The advantage of this exercise is you get to do two exercises, one upper and one lower.

Single-Leg Wall Sit

To perform this exercise, get into a standard wall sit, except that you extend one leg out in front of you. The advantage of this exercise is you perform a unilateral movement, improve strength on one side, and balance.

Weighted Wall Sit

To perform this exercise, get into a wall sit position and try holding a pair of dumbbells at your side. The advantage of this exercise is your increased lower body, shoulder, and arm strength and balance.

 Stability Ball Wall Sit

To perform this exercise, lean against a wall with a stability ball. The top of the ball should rest in the small of your back. The advantage of this exercise is that it provides rehab treatment for people with lower back issues and improves overall stability.

Safety Tips                   

Avoid these mistakes to get the most out of this exercise and avoid injuries.

  • Do not lower yourself to the post where your thighs are at a greater angle than 90 degrees. That’s why your thighs should be at 90 degrees to both your back and your lower legs in this position.
  • Allowing your knees to extend past your ankles is never a good idea. Instead, your lower legs should be parallel to the ground with your knees directly over your ankles.
  • You should distribute your weight between your heels and toes. Thus, you should be able to feel your heels on the ground.
  • You must push into your heels and slide back up the wall at the end of each repetition. Otherwise, you risk injuring your knees by collapsing to the ground.
  • The exercise puts most of the weight on the knees. Because of this, anybody who has an existing knee injury should not do it.

The last word on the wall sit exercise

Wall sit exercise is one of the compound exercises that also works as an excellent quad burner. Many muscles are involved during this exercise. It helps to increase core strength and stability. Wall sit exercise not only helps to help burn calories and endurance and helps improve overall functionality.

Use the wall sit exercise and other exercises to make it more intense. Proper exercise technique is critical for ensuring the safety and success of an exercise program. Still, depending on your specific demands, you may need to alter each exercise to achieve the maximum benefits of this exercise.

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