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Chad Nicholls, nutrition coach, aka the diet doctor, has spent more than a decade in the fitness industry as a coach for the world’s greatest bodybuilders. While building his reputation as one of the most sought-after nutrition experts, he worked with many legendary bodybuilders to help them attain their goals.

Chad Nicholls initially rose to prominence after his bodybuilders received numerous accolades in the mid-1990s. One of these bodybuilders was Ronnie Coleman and his partner Kim Chizevsky, who won the Mr. and Ms. Olympia competitions several times in a row.

Personal Life

In an interview, Chad Nicholls stated that he started in a small town in Illinois but soon moved to Decat, which is centrally located in the state. While he was a cop for five years, he also worked out and got into training. His background in law enforcement gave him the strong, confident personality he would need to coach legendary bodybuilders. Also, it helped him gain the confidence of Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler, who both came from and were passionate about law enforcement.

Law enforcement, like bodybuilding, requires discipline and knowledge. Therefore, Chad decided to be a career cop, but at the same time, he wanted to learn more about nutrition, health, and fitness.

It seemed like an opportunity in the wellness industry through his police position and his wife’s bodybuilding career. Kim, his wife, had only been training for a brief period, and she progressed quickly with Chad’s help, so it was a learning experience for both of them. First, they learned the bodybuilding vernacular together.



Many think Chad Nicholls, a nutrition coach, is the finest in the industry. Legendary bodybuilders swear by his skills and credit him for their success on the world’s grandest bodybuilding stage. Since the middle of the 1990s, he has been assisting athletes in achieving their objectives. As a result of his efforts, he has developed a worldwide reputation as a successful nutrition coach.

Chad became well-known in the business after his wife, Kim Chizevsky, won the Ms. Olympia contest with his help in 1996. She then went on to win three additional Ms. Olympia crowns in a row, demonstrating Chad’s ability to deliver for his bodybuilders.

Ronnie Coleman & Flex Wheeler

Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler are two more well-known athletes that Chad has worked with. Both became legends and are ranked among the greatest bodybuilders in the world. Many people regard Ronnie Coleman as the best to compete at Mr. Olympia. Ronnie is tied with Lee Haney for the most Mr. Olympia wins. Ronnie once said he did everything Chad told him to do and could not have won as many Mr. Olympia titles without him.

While Flex never won the Mr. Olympia title, he is regarded as the best never to do it. In defense of Flex, he had the misfortune of competing against Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman at the dawn of the mass monsters. As a result, many regarded Flex as the greatest bodybuilder who never won Mr. Olympia. However, because of his diminutive stature, many judges refuse to rank him ahead of Ronnie or Dorian.

Chad accomplished the unfathomable with his specialized and customized approach to bodybuilding nutrition when he helped eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman win his first Olympia in 1998. Most had ranked Ronnie outside of the top five before this event. Professional dietary advice has become essential for improving athletic performance. Chad also deals with many athletes from sports other than bodybuilding.

Big Ramy

Big Ramy, two-time Mr. Olympia, and the current reigning champion Chad Nicholls have collaborated closely throughout the offseason. Nicholls would be the best person to ask about the two-time Olympia champion’s present training and nutrition. Like Dorian and Ronnie, Big Ramy is a mass monster with an incredible physique. No doubt he was attracted to Chad because of Chad’s success with mass monsters.

Chad knows not only the food but also the supplements and drugs. Professional bodybuilding is a complex endeavor where everyone is looking for an edge. While genetics and hard work play a significant role in a bodybuilder’s success, no one can deny that nutrition, supplements, and performance-enhancing drugs allow the best bodybuilders in the world to separate from the completion.



Chad Nicholls, the nutrition coach’s career is not without controversy. Shawn Ray, another great and legendary bodybuilder, called Chad Nicholls doctor death. In an interview, Shawn also stated that Chad was responsible for putting Ronnie Connie and Flex Wheeler in wheelchairs. In addition, Shawn said Chad was aggressive and toxic for professional bodybuilding because of his use of steroids and cutting-edge drugs that gave his bodybuilders an advantage that others did not have. Shawn stated many bodybuilders were dead in the ground, and Chad had not attended one funeral. More specifically, Shawsaided three bodybuilders: Scott Youngblood, Nasar EI Sonbaty, and Dallas McCarver, who died because of Chad Nicholl’s coaching methods.

 In his interviews, Chad refuted Shawn’s claims and stated Shawn was angry because he couldn’t beat Chad’s bodybuilders in competition. Chad also said Ronnie’s medical problems were due to a car accident and poor medical surgeries afterward. Also, with Flex, Chad stated Flex had rare kidney disease. He did acknowledge that bodybuilding aggravated and quickened kidney disease. But he did not know that Flex had kidney disease at the time. In addition, because Chad was not a doctor, he could not monitor his bodybuilders’ bloodwork.

AKA the Diet Doctor

Despite Chad calling himself the diet doctor, he does not have a license, and no doubt the name refers to his skills and not his profession. In an interview with Patrick Bet-David, Chad sat down and discussed steroids and other drugs in the bodybuilding world. It was extraordinary the knowledge that he possessed and shared about performance-enhancing drugs. As Chad talked, it became apparent that he viewed drugs as a paintbrush and his bodybuilders as the canvas upon which he displayed his artistic mastery. Experience is the best teacher, and Chad Nicholls is one of the most remarkable students of performance-enhancing drugs.

However, the one concern about Chad is that he is not a real doctor. Thus, if a bodybuilder wants to rely on Chad and his black bag of tricks, they must also have a licensed practicing doctor on their team. A doctor can help a bodybuilder reach their fitness goals safely. They can order tests to inform a bodybuilder of their health. It’s best to be well-informed about how the body responds to a workout, diet, supplements, and any performance-enhancing drugs a bodybuilder might try. While a supplement may be approved for others, it could prove dangerous or deadly for another bodybuilder because of medical complications.

Steroid-Needle insulin drugs

Chad Nicholls Nutrition Coach to the World’s Greatest Bodybuilders

Chad Nicholls is one of the best in his industry and has the record to prove it. His work ethic and commitment to his craft are inspirational. Chad brings a wealth of knowledge to each athlete. He tailors nutrition for each bodybuilder based on their personality. His background in law enforcement makes him an expert on reading people and giving them what they need to reach their best and highest potential. The program he designed for Ronnie Coleman differed from the Flex Wheeler program.

Chad says consistency and compliance are the keys to a perfect body. But also, perfect looks are different for each athlete. So what can we learn from Chad Nicholls? While most of us will never reach the levels of professional bodybuilders, we can learn something from Chad.

First, always build a workout based on your personality. Never do anything you don’t like. For example, Dorian Yates stopped doing squats after a hip injury and never did them again. If Dorian could stop doing squats, which many regards as the best muscle-building exercise in the world, then so can you. There are many substitutes you can use and love.


Also, Chad reminds us that discipline is the key to success. It doesn’t matter how good a workout or diet is if you do not follow it. Many have said that Flex was more genetically gifted than anyone in bodybuilding and that Ronnie was the hardest worker in bodybuilding. However, Ronnie and Flex remind us, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” as quoted by Tim Notke, a high school basketball coach. Therefore, motivation is the key, one thing that Chad Nicholl’s nutrition coach is good at.

Next, if you are going to put anything into your body other than food, while nutrition coaches and fitness trainers are great, make sure to add a doctor to your team. You can always shop around and find a doctor you can work with. A doctor is like anyone else on your team. They have different personalities and performance levels. Therefore find one you can work with and, at the very least, visit them once a year, but if your health is complicated, visit your doctor more frequently. A doctor on your team will inform you the most about your health and fitness.

Like many great people who are the best at what they do, Chad has his share of haters, but for every hater, he has two people who believe in him. Both Ronnie and Flex, to this day, speak highly of Chad and agree that they would not have enjoyed the level of success they had without Chad Nicholls, the nutrition coach.

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Q&A – Nutrition and Diet in Bodybuilding, Featuring Chad Nicholls

Q1: What role does nutrition play in bodybuilding, and how does Chad Nicholls approach it?

A1: Nutrition is fundamental in bodybuilding, as it fuels muscle growth, aids in recovery, and helps in fat loss. Chad Nicholls, known for his extreme and sometimes controversial methods, emphasizes a high-protein diet, complemented by carbs and fats tailored to the individual’s needs. He’s known for pushing the boundaries in nutrition strategies to maximize muscle gain and definition.

Q2: What are some controversial methods used by Chad Nicholls in bodybuilding nutrition?

A2: Chad Nicholls has been associated with aggressive nutritional tactics, such as extremely high-calorie diets or the use of supplements and substances at the edge of sports legality. His approaches have sometimes been criticized for prioritizing short-term results over long-term health.

Q3: How important are supplements in Chad Nicholls’ bodybuilding diet plans?

A3: Supplements are a key component in Nicholls’ plans. He advocates for a range of supplements, from protein powders and amino acids to more specialized and sometimes contentious products. However, it’s crucial to remember that supplement use should always be approached cautiously and ideally under professional guidance.

Q4: Has Chad Nicholls’ approach to nutrition and diet evolved over the years?

A4: Yes, like many in the field, Nicholls’ methods have evolved. While he still maintains some of his signature aggressive strategies, there’s a trend towards more sustainable and health-conscious practices in his recent approaches, reflecting the broader evolution in the bodybuilding industry.

Q5: What is the biggest misconception about Chad Nicholls’ nutrition and diet coaching?

A5: A common misconception is that his methods are solely about extreme diets and supplements. While these aspects are prominent, Nicholls also focuses on tailoring diets to individual needs and long-term sustainability, at least in his more recent practices.

Q6: How can someone safely apply Chad Nicholls’ bodybuilding diet principles?

A6: It’s crucial to consult with a healthcare provider before adopting any extreme diet or supplement regimen. For those interested in Nicholls’ methods, starting with the basic principles of high protein intake and tailored macronutrient balance, while avoiding any extreme practices, is advisable. Monitoring health and progress with a professional is also key.

Q7: What are the risks associated with the kind of extreme bodybuilding diets promoted by figures like Chad Nicholls?

A7: Extreme diets can lead to health issues like nutrient deficiencies, organ stress, metabolic imbalance, and psychological strain. It’s important to approach such diets with caution and under professional supervision to mitigate these risks.

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