How to Gain Muscles Mass Fast in Eight Steps

How to Gain Muscles Mass Fast in Eight Steps

So you want to gain muscle mass fast? Simple, isn’t it? Just join a gym and hit those weights regularly, and viola, in a couple of months, you will gain so much muscle mass that you are ready to take on any bodybuilding contest.

Is it that simple to build big muscles? There is much more than just hitting the gym regularly to gain muscle mass. Here are some muscle mass-gaining tips:

1. Calorie Surplus

Eat and Eat – To build muscles, you must eat. Therefore, your calorie consumption must be more than your calorie expenditure. If you expand all the calories you have eaten, where are the calories to build muscles? 

BCAA Supplements Benefits. gain muscle mass fast

2. Protein, Protein, Protein!

Protein – Make sure that you eat enough protein. You should eat at least one gram of protein per pound of your body weight every day to gain muscle mass. Your muscles won’t grow big if you don’t get enough protein.

3. Supplement Diet

Supplement – Supplement with protein shakes if you cannot eat adequate protein from your regular meals. Take creatine supplements if you want more strength to lift heavier weights to grow bigger muscles. Also, consider glutamine and BCAA to improve your performance in the gym and with your fitness goals.

4. Resistance Training

Weight Training – You must lift heavy weights and consistently add more weight to build your muscles. But it is essential not to sacrifice correct lifting techniques and form to lift heavier.

5. Lift Free Weights

Free Weights – Use free weights like dumbbells and barbells to recruit more muscle fibers to work out more muscle fibers. Free weights allow you to use a free range of motion throughout the lift. Thus, this stresses the primary and secondary muscles during the lift’s execution. 

Olympic Weight Lifts - Use This Type of Workout and Its Benefits compound lift

6. Compound Lifts

Compound Exercises – Work with compound exercises like bench presses, squats, barbell rows, chin-ups, and deadlifts to build muscle mass. You can’t build muscle mass by only performing exercises like bicep curls.

7. Don’t Kill Muscles

Get Enough Rest – Have rest days between your workout days, and do not work out the same muscle group more than twice a week. Your muscles need to recover from your workouts to grow big. So while work may cause muscles to grow, they grow when you rest, not when you work. 

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8. Eight Hours of Sleep

Get Enough Sleep – Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Even better. Your muscles grow when you sleep. Also, your body produces hormones like testosterone and HGH while you sleep. Finally, sleep allows your most important organs to rest – the brain and heart. 

The Last Word on How to Build Muscles Mass Gains Fast

Your muscles will grow faster if you consistently practice the above eight steps. But, of course, you can do many more things to achieve a competitive bodybuilder’s physique, which we cannot cover in just an article here. So do research for more knowledge.

What do you think? Please share your response in the comment section below so that others can benefit from your experience. 

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