Who are the Top Bodybuilders Contending for Mr. Olympia 2023

Who are the Top Bodybuilders Contending for Mr. Olympia 2023?

Do you want to know who are the top bodybuilders in the world that will compete for Mr. Olympia 2023? As the world’s leading bodybuilding competition, Mr. Olympia is highly anticipated yearly. So who will be crowned champion? Which of these men have what it takes to reach their goals and become a bodybuilding legend?

6 of the Top Bodybuilders in the World that Will Contend for Mr. Olympia 2023

It takes a long time to build the perfect body because the human body can only add so much muscle in a year without adding body fat. Also, when the human body burns body fat, it burns some muscle with it. This process is an evolutionary process. And you know what they say about evolution. You can’t fight evolution and win. That said, Mr. Olympia 2023 was probably competing for Mr. Olympia 2022 and perhaps won or placed in the top ten. So let’s look at the top contenders who could compete at Mr. Olympia in 2023.

Hadi Choopan Top Bodybuilders

1. Hadi Choopan –

The reigning champion of Mr. Olympia, Hadi Choopan, has been an incredible competitor since he first stepped onto the stage. He has consistently pushed himself to new heights and continues to show that he is one of the best bodybuilders in the world today. His physique has grown dramatically over the past two years, and he is sure to be a favorite when it comes time for next year’s competition.

But Hadi does face some challenges. During his acceptance speech after winning Mr. Olympia 2022, he spoke on the political issues in Iran. More specifically, he touched on women’s rights. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the Iranian government is sentencing protestors to death and life in prison for speaking out against their crackdown on women’s rights.

Many are asking if Hadi will be a champion similar to Big Ramy. Big Ramy was often criticized for winning the championship and disappearing until the following year’s championship. There are many similarities between Hadi and Ramy. They both come from the same region, and neither speaks fluent English. Mr. Olympia is predominantly an American sport, so the champion must promote bodybuilding to an American audience. Unless you are the NFL, NBA, or NBL, every sport needs its champions to be an ambassador for the sport.

Derek Lunsford Top Bodybuilder

2. Derek Lunsford –

Derek Lunsford gained notoriety by placing 2nd at the 2022 Mr. Olympia. He came out of the shadows to challenge the world’s greatest bodybuilders for the title. So how did he do it so fast? Derrick was Mr. Olympia’s 212 winner, winning the competition in 2021. So he was no stranger to the big stage. Also, he has a strong work ethic and is one of the best coaches in the industry. He trains with Hany Rambold – The Rise of a Legendary Bodybuilding Coach. Hany coaches many of the world’s best bodybuilders, including Hadi Choopan and Chris Bumstead. While diet and workout play an essential role, genetics is tantamount to success. Derek’s size, strength, symmetry, and conditioning make him a real contender for next year’s title.

Nick Walker Top Bodybuilder

3. Nick Walker –

Nick Walker made waves when he finished 3rd at last year’s Mr. Olympia competition. Many think this could be his year to take home gold if he can continue improving his physique in all aspects of bodybuilding – size, conditioning, symmetry, etc. Could Nick Walker be a poor man’s version of Jay Cutler? Jay spent a couple of years chasing Ronnie Coleman until he finally won his first Mr. Olympia title. In addition, he currently holds many other titles, showing that he can compete with some of the best bodybuilders.

Brandon Curry Bodybuilder

4. Brandon Curry –

Having won the 2019 Mr. Olympia and placed 4th in 2022, Brandon Curry is no stranger to winning big bodybuilding competitions. With his impressive size and well-conditioned physique, he has what it takes to outshine his competitors on any given day. He also has a strong track record and will surely be one of the top contenders again this year.

William Bonac Bodybuilder

5. William Bonac –

William Bonac made quite an impression last year with his impressive size and conditioning, earning him 9th place at Mr. Olympia 2022. He has managed to stay consistent, with several wins under his belt. It looks like he could be one of the top contenders for next year’s competition if he continues working hard on his physique leading up to it.

Andrew Jacked Top Bodybuilders

6. Andrew Jacked –

Lastly, Andrew Jacked, who finished 8th this year, is being called by some Ronnie Coleman’s successor due to similar muscle shape, proportion, size, conditioning, etc. Although only time will tell if Andrew can make history as Ronnie did by going from 8th place up to 1st during his reign as Mr. Olympia champion. All eyes are on Andrew as we wait eagerly for next year’s outcome.

The Last Word on Who are the Top Bodybuilders Contending for Mr. Olympia 2023?

The upcoming edition of Mr. Olympia promises exciting battles between familiar faces, such as reigning champion Hadi Choopan and newcomers like Andrew Jacked, who have shown great potential during their short careers. It will be interesting to see how these competitors fare against each other come 2023 and find out who will emerge victorious from this highly competitive field! Stay tuned!

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